Job Opportunities in Engineering

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Getting an engineering degree san jose can open up an array of job opportunities. Engineering is part of many differing industries, part of the planning, manufacturing and rehabbing of infrastructure, buildings and products.

engineering degree san jose

Engineering also runs the gamut of specialties including mechanical, electrical and chemical. Each one of these specialties has several subspecialties. Students who graduate with an engineering degree can find jobs in the private and public sectors and many combine their knowledge with work for the government or military.

engineering degree san jose

How to Decide if Engineering is for You Before you jump in with both feet, you can talk to instructors in your field of choice. Ask them why they think students like to major in engineering. You can also contact engineering firms in your local city and ask them if you can speak to someone about their field. Many engineers will be happy to spend 30 minutes with you discussing what they do and what they recommend. Research online for projects that are currently going on in your city, and see if you can tour them or talk to someone who is working on them. While the term engineering seems like it is a specific major, in truth it encompasses a range of project types. As you investigate, you see if you are interested in working on any of these types of projects.

engineering degree san jose

Need for Engineers While computers can do a lot of work, and some of the administrative work of engineers is done on computers, they cannot take the place of engineers. Therefore, the need for engineers will continue in the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks engineering fields and can offer updated statistics as to which specialties are currently growing. For instance, the field of biomedical engineering, the combination of biology and engineering, is forecasted to grow at a rate of 23 percent through the year 2024. This rate contrasts with that of electrical and electronics engineering which is forecasted to remain at the job levels currently available. Most engineering jobs do require a Bachelor's degree although you can work for a firm while you are getting your education on related jobs or with a team.

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