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3 Surprising Jobs for Engineering Degrees

23. června 2016 v 15:59
engineering degree san joseMost people do not view engineering degrees as a versatile educational background. Referring to: Whether an engineering degree San Jose or elsewhere, there are a few surprising That careers require a degree droughts That do not come to mind on first examination.
1st Engineer Diver
With a bachelor's degree in civil or environmental engineering and a dive certification, newly Minted engineers can work hands on with bridges, tunnels, and other marine-related structures to ENSURE Their integrity. Of course, an ability to excel under pressure (literally and figuratively) is a must as well as an ability to work with a team of other professionals ENSURE that a project is completed Quickly, PRECISELY, and sustainably.
Second Biomechanical Engineer
engineering degree san joseA decade ago, this career field did not Even exist. As technology and medicine have Continued to grow together, the need has arisen for engineers to Produce prosthetics, robotic organs, and other technology for medical doctors. With a medical background, or Even an interest in medicine, mechanical engineers or biomechanical engineers can have a long, prosperous career and making a real difference in the lives of Their customers' lives. An advanced degree to address biomechanical cell function May be in order, but entry level jobs are available throughout the country. A median pay of over $ 86,000 Further incentive is with the Possibility of applying for patents on the technology Creates one.
3rd Graphics Engineer
While many people think of engineering as a left brain activity Performed by left-brained Individuals, it is common to find engineers with a flair for artistic design as well. For Candidates proposition, Becoming a graphics engineer May be appealing. Companies are looking for people with degrees in electrical or mechanical engineering to help design products from concept to manufacturing Including overseeing testing and Marketing Efforts.
engineering degree san jose
Other Organizations are looking for graphics engineers with strong backgrounds in computer programming, 3D modeling and math, and motion graphics in order to help create video games, movie sets, or Even stage designs for large-scale shows. Whatever the career path, engineering and art does not have to be mutually exclusive.
engineering degree san jose

No matter the direction Takes an engineering career, having an engineering degree is still one of the main predictors for income potential. Top to bottom, graduates with an engineering degree make More than any other entry-level degree available. Becomes The question, Which direction to take.